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The Foundation is a non-profit making organization. Its objectives are the protection, the promotion and the enhancement of the religious, historical and monumental heritage of the Basilica and the Sacred Convent of St. Francis of Assisi in Assisi, Italy. These objectives are achieved in collaboration with authorities and entities specifically appointed.

For the fulfillmnet of its purposes, the Foundation may:

  • Carry out research, studies, teaching and generate technical-scientific documentation in its support, by any reasonable means.
  • Promote meetings, competitions, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, exchange of knowledge and information, training and specialized courses.
  • Sign cooperation agreements with Italian and foreign organizations.
  • Set up scholarships and research projects.
  • Organize the production and the distribution of printed and digital works or media, owned and/or belonging to third parties and carry out any other initiatives pertaining to the aims of the Foundation.

The Foundation’s objectives, under the heading of protection, include developing projects for security, safety, environment and peace, according to the Franciscan Spirit, not only inside but also outside the site, both on Italian territory and abroad. The advancement of such projects is due to the knowledge and skills provided through collaboration with both Italian and international parties.

In its achievement of these goals, the Foundation is grateful for the voluntary and free-of-charge contribution of all the individuals and organizations that participate in the various projects, by providing their knowledge and skills. The Foundation is also grateful for the financial support of its donors.